Why will my brownie little shop not work?

Our brain works by association. Before knowing anything, we need to experience, compare, catalog and archive within the existing HD inside our heads.

So it is very common to see similar products, if not equal, launched on the market at the same time. It works like this: a guy launchs a brownie somewhere. It aims to deliver a simple brownie, but tasty and thereby improve a moment of life of its consumers and contribute to the sustainable development of the community around you. Ok, really cool. From there begin to emerge other “entrepreneurs” with the same desire to produce and sell cookies, but forget the most important. The association created by us is as follows:

– “The guy is successfully making brownies. I know making brownies. I will make brownies and sell to friends. Maybe I can put to sell somewhere. Voilà, success! “…

Only it did not. But why?

Today brands are like people who choose to live / be. They are part of our daily life, talk to us often give us “motivational advice” and have their own personality most of the time. It is for us to believe and buy your idea or, conversely, ignore and leave talking to herself in the supermarket aisle. Just as we do with people. We choose our friends, boyfriends or other affective relationship for empathy issues, identification, recognition ideals.

So why does my shop brownies will not work? The answer has already been given, but I repeat: is lacking personality (purpose) as a browniefor him not to be just another brownie in the market. Let’s face it: the taste of these brownies varies very little. Because when we choose to eat a brownie, the brain will automatically there in our internal HD and reminds us what it is and the flavor that has a brownie, and then do the comparison to that standard we know. If the brownie does not have an extraordinary taste or a very strong way, we will join our database as “another brownie like everyone else” and no one will come back to look for him.

In most cases the brand speaks louder than the product itself because of the values (purpose) it conveys and we realize. This applies to the razor blade, the steel wool and cola, which does not even need to name names, but you already know. For example, Coca-Cola does not sell a cola, is not a time for family happiness. Bombril not only sells a steel wool, but a complete cleaning solution for your kitchen. And not only sells Gillette razors, but self-esteem and reliable solution for people who are bothered by their hair. The Luiz ‘s Brownie not only sells a brownie, but rather a moment of pleasure that is always at hand and also the promotion of a service culture to sustainable community development.

Remember the fever of plain yogurt shops in Brazil? A guy became successful with this business model and soon there were several other copies and no purpose. Where are they today? Perhaps selling brownies.

The reflection that I want to make is this: what is the meaning (purpose) of my brand and why it must exist ? Ask yourself this. The world does not need another shop brownies but of social change agents. So, be honest and answer this question looking around and not for his own navel.

There are several strategies and methods to answer this question and I’ll be happy to help you in this endeavor . You, entrepreneur, has a great chance in the hands of making your brand to work helping those in need and building a beautiful story.

PS : The Story of brownie also works with craft beers , okay?

Image: Shutterstock/Sentavio

by Alan Bruno
Source: UpdateOrDie