SEO: 6 changes that will affect your strategy

We know that SEO can really affects your business and that is always changing. This means that you must be prepared to make your strategy work adapting the constant changes of Google’s rules.

Let’s see some trends that have changed in the past year and how you can prepare your company:

1) Increased attention to the user
In the past, SEO was the manipulation of data and keywords to get good ranking in the search engine. However, with the leak of Google ‘s Quality Rating Guide in August, it became clear that the modern SEO comes to quality rather than quantity. Knowing this, your strategy should focus more on the quality of the content, which in turn affects the user experience.

2) Optimizing for mobile traffic
Google recently started to include the notion of “appropriate to mobile device” or “mobile-friendly” next to the website in the search results on mobile devices. Ensure that appears next to your site to increase the CTR for your website and amount of traffic. I suggest testing your site with this Google tool.

3) Emphasis on the importance of social involvement
Whether in the form of social sharing of your website or the traffic coming from social media, the importance of social involvement is really affecting SEO. It is part of the way the SEO measure interactions with your pages and content, which is proving to be increasingly important. If no one is interacting, it will reflect badly on the quality of your page and harm the chances rating.

4) Introduction of more penalties
Testing of more than 5,000 sites have proved that you are penalized for problems on the site and beyond, which you might not know. And examine the quality of pages indexed in Google, eradicate duplicate content, improve your user experience and ensure the monitoring of incoming links. It is now more important than ever.

5) Aggressive targeting of blog networks
In early 2014 , Matt Cutts , head of webspam at Google, said that the idea of “guests publications networks”, which was effective in the past, was on borrowed time. In mid-2014 , Google acted against several major networks including MyBlogGuest and penalized many sites rated participating in link schemes. Guests bloggers must rethink its strategy. The guest-blog should be done only with those guest-bloggers that you have a relationship and a partnership that is not simply about exchanging links.

6) Become more predictable
Now SEO is easier than ever, thanks to big data. The key to a successful SEO strategy is to have a strategy implemented to record his previous efforts, these efforts compare with your current results and then provide activities which provide the best value in the future. Your company does not need to think of SEO as a mystery that will never be resolved. You can find out what works and what does not and plan your strategy utilizand actual data. SEO can indeed be a science.

By Rodrigo Souto
Source: Hubspot