Prepare your goodbye to apps

There are tens of millions of apps in the world, each supposedly to solve a specific problem of our lives, just not…

How many applications do you have on your smartphone? (I’m not talking about tablets, tablets speak at the end of this text.) And of you have, how many actually you use daily or more frequently? I’ll kick … 10 or 12. If wrong, went wrong by little. I do not know how you installed in all but about 90% of them do not usually use. Nor should re-use. Are there because, well, are there.

There are tens of millions of apps in the world. Each allegedly to solve a specific problem of our life. Only not. It is not that actually solve a specific problem of our lives, but in our lives simply do not fit million apps. They do not fit in our brain, or our devices.

Fact is, stay tuned, we are facing a turning point of this software. They will turn into something else, quite possibly in cloud services, web, that we will not have to download in our devices. Something much more reasonable and useful and practical and logical.

We got there already? No. We are on the threshold of this change. The technology exists and some tests are already being made of this new trend and it must become something more tangible in a short time.

Note here something important: today’s apps are indoors. There are web. And? So they make us leave the open Internet to a controlled digital environment, limited to the sole purpose for which that app was developed. No sin in that. But how many more apps like the ones we have today there is, the less will be the Internet.

The impact of this is the migration of people and their habits of a broadly collaborative universe, multi-integrated relational and globally for several small little world of small purposes. I do not know if for you, but for me, it causes a kind of digital claustrophobia. And certainly, to look at our own navel, it is not good either for the marketing and not for the communication of brands and services.

This lack of air in the dark rooms of the apps as we know them today, however, still good, is coming to an end and a new family of apps, services, living in the open cloud web, will come. But until she is established once, see that interesting.

Nielsen Mobile Insights Q4 / 2015 panel shows that while smartphone penetration in the population of 18+ record growth of 74% in the US over the same period last year (of the ongoing mobile revolution) and the use of time apps per person also record strong growth trend (is the maturing of the use of apps already known and usual), in fact the number of apps per capita remains relatively stable since 2012 (see chart). This number per person, on a monthly measurement, the study found, is on average 26 to 27 (in Brazil, I suppose, that number may be half of the US, but it’s a kick… maybe Nielsen can supply us this data here in Brazil performing similar survey). It does not grow. It is the ceiling to which I referred here at the beginning of the text.

Goodbye Apps

Well, it seems to me important to note here are two things :

  1. There is a clear limit to the use of apps for each of us . If your company is considering launching new apss , attention to this: either he actually delivers something indispensable in the life of its target users or it will become a dead zombie in your public screen or will not even be downloaded for useless;
  2. Get ready for the new era of apps on the web, it will inexorably and an app on the web is different from a captive app downloaded on smartphones . Your ability to interact and their navigability characteristics are completely different. Begin testing it already. Call your development team to study how to enjoy more and better of this new trend.

Finally, on tablets. They also like the apps, will turn something else soon. But I write about another time.


Source: Blog do Pyr | Proxxima