How to make a good marketing email marketing and increase your conversion?

Those looking to improve their email marketing have to think about how to improve conversion, ie how to get the person who received the email to make a purchase, watch video, download an application or other action similar to these, depending on the objective of action.

For this, we must first understand the concept of conversion funnel. Lets go?


There is a long way to go the moment you shoot emails to your leads base until some of them to convert on the site. This process will tapering and over time and can be divided into four steps:

  1. Delivery rate: how many emails actually arrive in the leads inbox.
  2. Opening rate: how many of your leads that received the e-mail opened it.
  3. Click rate: of those who opened your email, how many clicked on the link to be directed to landing page.
  4. Conversion Rate: how many of those visitors who visited the site actually converted to action (buy, download, etc.).

We will detail each of these steps and give tips on how to make a good e- mail marketing to avoid loss of leads in each of them.


Not all e-mails you send arrive at their destination. And this is due to several factors:

  1. From the home base, some emails if opt-outed or put the sender (you) blacklisted.
  2. Then a few emails that no longer exist, others are in the crowded box and even some who have connectivity issues. You lost a few leads…
  3. The most dramatic barrier: its historical notes as spam. If it is too high, algorithms decide you extrapolated and providers simply filter their messages so that they even appear in the spam box.
  4. Finally, your email will receive an assessment of e-mail providers to find out if it is spam. In this screen, a few more e-mails end up in limbo the spam box.

Throughout these steps, an initial base 100,000 may be reduced, for example to 98,000 due to the factor 1, then to 96 for the second reason and then to 92,000 because of spam classification and, ultimately, total loss may reach 20% as a result of filter algorithms. We get only 80,000 emails…

One way of improving your email marketing is always clear the search on the basis of these missing emails or you’re blocked and avoid having the matter for classification as spam, type the abuse of words such as “free”, “promotion” or similar and exclamation points. There are dozens of other factors considered by the providers.


We can classify the opening rate of performance as follows:

  • More than 20 %: Very good
  • Between 10 % and 20 %: Good
  • 6% to 10 % : Normal
  • Less than 6 %: Weak
  • Less than 3 %: Very bad

If you want to know how to make a good email marketing to increase the open rate, focus on the subject.

After all, people will only open the email if the subject is interesting. Check out some tips:

  • Create subjects between 50 and 60 characters to be correctly read in the major e-mail providers.
  • Show the benefits and to whom is the message clearly.
  • Give a sense of urgency.
  • Gere identification with your audience.
  • Use the word “how.” Example: How to find your house quickly.
  • Let people curious.
  • Create lists 10 tips to find his apartment.

To round off our initial account, let’s say we get 8% of this opening shot, reaching 6,400 open emails.


This will depend on attractively designed and well-written texts, see:

  • What was promised in the subject has to match the text though.
  • Make the recipient understand what it is to offer at 8/2!
  • Divide the text into reading levels: Main Title, subtitles, handouts and Call to Action.
  • In addition to a first Call to Action (CTA) and goal, you can spread other throughout the text.
  • Usually the CTA has bright colors. Vary these colors and the theme of CTAs over email.

In addition, there are technical factors to be taken into account:

The email has to be responsive

That is, your layout should adapt to different screen formats smartphones and tablets, otherwise the click through rate decreases too. Nowadays, the aperture rate on mobile devices can reach 50% or more!

The email has to load quickly

The ideal is to use HTML code, avoiding files that are in fact large and difficult images to load.

See the performance classification:

  • More than 20%: Very good
  • 10 to 20%: Good
  • Less than 10%: Not very good

With 10% click rate, we have clicks 640, or 640 visits the site.


Now everything is on the site of hand!

It should load quickly and it is best to avoid too many clicks and steps until you reach the conversion page, this route has to be short!

Additionally, the landing page must be in perfect keeping with the e-mail: have to remember some of its elements, colors and images and give a natural continuity to convince the visitor to navigate the site and perform the action, which must be easy to perform.

Look: if the site’s conversion rate is 1% (of those who entered the site), we will have between 6 and 7 conversions, an initial base of 100,000!

Here are some parameters of the conversion rate:

  • More than 3%: Good
  • Less than 1%: Bad

One must take into account that depending on the product sold, if it has a high value, say R $ 10,000.00 total of 0.1% conversion rate may be acceptable.

In short, to improve the conversion rate you have to work at every step, raising the numbers to see the main bottlenecks. Not enough to know how to improve their email marketing, you need to go testing, analyzing numbers and go looking for solutions to every problem over time.

Source: Pedro Ramon / HubSpot